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Welcome to sumotackle.com
Welcome to Sumo Tackle, where fishing is not taken lightly nor as a hobby. After spending many years in the tackle industry with major manufactures, in early 1998 Sumo Tackle was founded. Blue prints in hand Sumo Tackle started with trolling lures, rod belts and jigging style lures. Since then it has added over 100 products to it's line that have proven successful in all parts of the globe. A modest company that has been focusing on specialty products, Sumo Tackle will always maintain a standard with you our viewer in mind. Build a quality product that is functional yet affordable to all anglers is our primary goal. Upon viewing this site, it's my desire that should you purchase a Sumo Tackle product, that you enjoy the same success of use that has made this company successful.
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Dragon Fly JigsFish the Dragon Fly as a yo-yo style jig, on the side or cast it to kelp paddy. The Dragon Fly will get the strike you have been waiting for.

Available in sizes 1oz, 2.5oz, 3.5oz, 4.5oz, 6oz
(6oz available only with single hook.)

Colors available
01-Green Mack 2-Sardine 3-Black Silver 4-Purple Black Mack 5-Dorado 6-Lt. Blue
Tackle BeltsWhen fishing for smaller game fish under 60 lbs. don't forget your light tackle belt from Sumo Tackle. Choose from the 2-pocket model allowing you to store extra items while fishing or the padded model.
Large Buddha Head More...
Large Buddha Head Proven head designs are assured to be fish catching producers for many years to come. Chrome plated brass finish, reflective eyes and vinyl skirts.
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