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Jethead Trolling LuresThe dual port Jethead is designed to swim and not spin. It has more weight distributed on the bottom which allows the lure to stay down in the strike zone. It does not matter what the conditions are from Albacore, Yellowfin, Bluefin, Yellowtail, Dorado, Wahoo, to Marlin the dual port jet has been the most consistent on the market.
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Model M16C Weight: 2.3oz
Model M20A+C Weight: 3.6oz
Model M25A+C Weight: 8.5oz
Model M79C Weight: 13oz
A-denotes pointed
C-denotes concave
Available in the following colors:
Sardine, Dorado, Zucchini, Mexican
Flag, Blue Dorado, Black Skippy, Mean
Jo Green, Bleeding Mackeral, High
Noon, Chovie, Silver Dorado, Rainbow,
Candy Cane, Gee I Jo, Coco Puff.
Note: Special colors available upon request on M25 and M79 models.
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M10 Mini-Jet M10 Mini-Jet

An early season trolling lure that will do the trick of putting any pelagic in the boat. The Mini-Jet leaves a bubble trail that attracts fish like no other lure of its size.

Colors available:
02-Dorado 03-Zucchini 04-Mexican Flag 06-Black Skippy 07-Mean Joe Green 9-High Noon 10-Chovie 11-Orange Dorado 12-Gerry Garcia 13-Petrolero 15-Coco Puff.

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