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Jinkai Monofilament Line The JINKAI begins with state-of-the-art Monofilament line. Originally created in Japan after years of research and technical patents, the superiority of JINKAI line has remained unsurpassed. Commercial fishermen and serious sportsmen alike have recognized it as the proud choice for world class performance.
Jinkai Monofilament Line
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JINKAI is a nylon copolymer monofilament line, a single fiber made from a blend of nylons. Extruded in a secret patented process, the nylon molecules are polarized to maintain the line's soft inner core, while the outer surface gains a tight molecular structure. this allows JINKAI to remain pliable, sensitive and responsive, yet provides incomparable strength in micro-fine diameters. The result is a unique combination of unbeatable qualities:
> Ideal flexibility
> Low stretch
> Powerful tensile and knot strength
> Unequaled resistance to abrasion
> Minimal change from dry to wet testing strength
> Impressively small diameters, providing less visibility and greater reel-feel capacity
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Great all time trolling lure that's a must for any tackle box.

Colors available:
1-Zucchini 2-Mexican Flag 3-Dorado 4-Mean Joe Green 5-Chovie 6-Bleeding Mackeral 7-Black Skippy 8-Candy Cane
9-Blue Dorado 10-White 11-Gerry Garcia 12-Reverse Mean Joe.
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