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Dragon Fly JigsFish the Dragon Fly as a yo-yo style jig, on the side or cast it to kelp paddy. The Dragon Fly will get the strike you have been waiting for.

Available in sizes 1oz, 2.5oz, 3.5oz, 4.5oz, 6oz
(6oz available only with single hook.)

Colors available
01-Green Mack 2-Sardine 3-Black Silver 4-Purple Black Mack 5-Dorado 6-Lt. Blue
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Jinkai Monofilament Line Jinkai Monofilament Line
The JINKAI begins with state-of-the-art Monofilament line. Originally created in Japan after years of research and technical patents, the superiority of JINKAI line has remained unsurpassed. Commercial fishermen and serious sportsmen alike have recognized it as the proud choice for world class performance.
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M10 Mini-Jet M10 Mini-Jet

An early season trolling lure that will do the trick of putting any pelagic in the boat. The Mini-Jet leaves a bubble trail that attracts fish like no other lure of its size.

Colors available:
02-Dorado 03-Zucchini 04-Mexican Flag 06-Black Skippy 07-Mean Joe Green 9-High Noon 10-Chovie 11-Orange Dorado 12-Gerry Garcia 13-Petrolero 15-Coco Puff.

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