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Tackle BeltsA good rod belt greatly helps anglers fight strong fish. A beltlike device with a receptacle for holding the butt of a fishing rod and used for playing large fish while protecting the angler's lower abdomen, kidney, and groin. The primary purpose of a rod belt, which may also be called a fishing belt or a fighting belt, is to relieve the pressure that an unprotected rod butt can exert on the body while fighting a fish, especially one that takes a lengthy time to pursue, either due to its size and strength or the lightness of the tackle.
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Light Tackle Belts When fishing for smaller game fish under 60 lbs. don't forget your light tackle belt from Sumo Tackle. Choose from the 2-pocket model allowing you to store extra items while fishing or the padded model.

Each comes with extra long Velcro belt, free plier pouch, new nylon gimbal insert for added protection.

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Ninja Fighting Belts Sumo Tackle's Ninja Belt is a very good design. It's also the best value on the market in terms of a quality medium tackle belt. The aluminum belt features excellent padding.

The bright finish of the blue or gold aluminum is great looking and tough and the gimbal will accommodate all rods with gimbals or not.

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