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Sumo Tackle offers a variety of top quality fishing gear at outstanding prices. From handcrafted lures and jigs to superior reel handles and tackle belts shopping at Sumo Tackle is the right choice for the serious sportsman. Years of experience is put into each and every product manufactured by Sumo Tackle and satisfaction is guaranteed!
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Sumo Ringed Hooks Sumo Tackle offers
the finest hook
available combined
with a quality welded
ring, these hooks
allow the bait to swim
Rod Holders
Rod Holders
The universal rod holder
manufactured by Sumo
Tackle is molded of
ethylene propylene
rubber which will not
scratch and will retain
shape for years.
Trolling Lures The trolling lures available at Sumo Tackle are assured to be fish catching producers. There are many varieties available and they come in a plethora of colors. These lures are made for fisherman by fisherman.
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Jigs Sumo Jigs are made
for Fisherman by fisherman.
These surface jigs are
balanced perfectly,
swimming in an erractic
action enticing all big game
Fishing Line Sumo Tackle
offers top
quality fishing
line at very
prices with
features like
ideal flexibility
and low stretch.
Belts A good rod belt greatly helps anglers fight strong fish. Sumo Tackle's Belt's are the best value on the market.
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